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My name is Chris Cavallo; Pickles-N-Things LLC is my brainchild & has been in business since 2004. We started with 8 products & now have over 30. Our products are made in small batches using my original recipes. We are state-licensed and our quality standards approved by the FDA.

Our products are unique because I also design my own labels, web site, brochures, etc. Each label is as different as the product it goes on. Many of our customers (wholesale & retail) are drawn to us 1st because of our unique labels & then they become repeat customers because how they taste.


"My husband Rick & I" Spring 2012

My daughter Courtni who helps with shows

The little Gherkins!

"The Pickle Lady" June 2011

I had been cooking since I could remember & have always done my "own thing" with recipes. My mother would come home

 from work & be amazed at what I had created at such a young age. I was making Jelly Rolls at 10! I guess you could say I have cooking in my blood. My father owned a restaurant in Rangeley called The Red Carriage Room before I was born. It was reservation only & was always booked. (He did the cooking.) I find cooking is like any other art form, it takes creativity along with some basic knowledge & sometimes you get outstanding results. The only difference is that my products are pleasing to the palate as well as the eye.

We are looking forward to expanding our wholesale & retail market & hope to become the next big name for Gourmet Specilaty Foods in the not so distant future

Picking Apples

My son Collin, he has helped me at the shows since when we started in 2004

My Mom & I at a show in Kennebunkport July of 2006

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